Web-hosting plans

First Class plan's private hosting environment is closed from our other customers. This means that all the resources are dedicated for you 100%, giving you and your customers a very responsive and swift experience. All the server's settings (PHP, MySql etc..) can be customized and tailored for your own needs. We recommend the First Class - plan for companies with websites that are critical and essential for the company's sales, profit and the brand.

Business Class -plan's use a shared hosting environment (HA), and we guarantee 99,9% UpTime. With the use of Plesk control panel, you can control your website as you wish. The emails, the website and various different applications are easy to customize to meet your needs. The Business Class plan is our most popular service, and it serves thousands of happy customers. We recommend the plan exclusively for businesses and companies.

Economy Class -plan is a budget solution for the cost aware individuals. Plenty of storage for you website and emails, and it comes with a free easy to use tool to build your first website with! We recommend the Economy Class plan for individuals.


First Class Private Business WebPro Business WebPro Lite Business WebStart Economy Maxi Economy Mini
Hosting environment
High Availability -platform with UpTime-guarantee 99,9%
Plesk-control panel
20 Gb10 Gb5 Gb2 Gb5 Gb1 Gb
Enterprise email boxes
Unlimited100 25 5
Personal email boxes
5 2
Unlimited20 10 3 2 1
Traffic per month
500 Gb200 Gb100 Gb50 Gb30 Gb10 Gb
Scalable server resources


Google-friendly servers
Free customer service




More specifications
Price / Month (VAT 0%)
39 €25 €15 €9,5 €6,95 €4,95 €

Why choose us?

First Class- ja Business -plans are built on our High Availability -platform. This means that your website will run on two different servers simultaneously. If one the servers goes down or malfunctions, the other backs it up automatically. Our internet connection and powersupply are duplicated as well. Our IT engineers take care that all the security updates are kept up to todays standards and that our services work as they should in the ever changing world of the internet. With First Class- and Business - plans, we promise a whopping 99,9% UpTime -guarantee!
Easy to use
All our plans come with the award winning web-interface Plesk® Control Panel. With the use of Plesk you can administrate your website with ease. All the applications, priviliges, passwords, statistics and settings are available to you just a few clicks away. Read more about Plesk here.
Customer service and technical support
Our praised HelpDesk -team consists of highly educated and trained experts. They advise and help you via phone, email or chat. Dont hesitate to ask! Its all free of charge.
Many private companies and the public sector trust our service
Cities and counties, schools and colleges, big congregates and advertising agencies are our happy and content customers. Our Web-hosting solutions and plans are used by thousands of individuals and businesses in Finland. Read about some of our happiest customers here.