Virtual servers

Your own virtual server gives you total freedom of expression when it comes to your websites, applications and e-mails. Something a normal hosting environment can't offer.

Introduction to virtual servers

Our modern and secure datacentre is located in southern Finland, in the city of Turku. Our power supply and internet-connections are dublicated which provides continuous operations to our customers. Together they ensure you that your website stays up, even when things go down.

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More information
*) How many daily snapshots are kept on our server. Snapshots can be used to recover the Virtual server into a former state, in case something goes wrong.
**) The storage is synchnorized between two different servers, ensuring that when one of them goes down, the other will take over. This gives you and your customers a seamless experience without downtime.
If you need external backups, pre-installed software and applications or administration services please contact our sales. We will gladly make you an offer that suits your needs.

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